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Created on 2010-06-07 16:16:56 (#522091), last updated 2010-06-08 (380 weeks ago)

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Name:I'm on the internet! Listen to my opinions!
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I don't understand.

→ It's okay, neither do I. One day everyone said "Let's make review blogs!" and I said okay. Thus this little blog was born. Needless to say, I'll be reviewing things here... If the title didn't give that away already.

Reviewing what?

→ I can't lie, as much as I'll try to branch out, I find myself drawn to things in the horror genre. I'll review other things, yes, but mostly expect horror related things. Movies, games, figures, books, comics, Yandeloid music, etc, etc.

Are you going to spoil things?

→ If I do an in-depth review, yes. I'll warn if I do, plus everything will be behind a cut. Don't worry about it.

How often will you update?

→ I'm not really sure! Whenever I find the time, I will. I'd like to work for once a week or more.

Can I suggest things to review? Is there anything you won't watch/read/play?

→ By all means, go right ahead. I will literally watch/read/play anything no matter how boring, terrible or gory it is.

Why should I care about what a Canadian says?

→ You shouldn't! This is something I'm doing for fun. I like to ramble about things I view or play, so why not write about it? Everyone is doing it these days from what sources tell me.

How dare you say what you said about *insert thing here*!

→ Everyone has different opinions, and like I said, these are my own thoughts and feelings. It's for fun! Don't agree? That's okay. I don't agree with a lot of things I read as well, but I like hearing different opinions. Look, if you think Death Bed: The Bed That Eats revolutionized the way you view the world today, more power to you. I'm a fan of movies like Oneechanbara, Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl, and Robo-Geisha. Who am I to judge you?

This place sucks. Give me somewhere more exciting to go.
→ Yeah, I agree. Here you go.
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